Your initial consultation at the Carolina Center for Advanced Dentistry is the first step in helping you achieve the smile of your dreams.  We are entirely devoted to the satisfaction and well-being of all of our patients, and will work with you on an individual level.  Our dentists will examine your oral health and discuss with you what your vision is for teeth.  We are conscientious to schedule enough time so that you will leave feeling assured that your experience is helpful and productive.  We will always provide you with the same level of service we would expect for ourselves. 

At Carolina Center for Advanced Dentistry in Conway, South Carolina, we take a different approach to perfecting your smile. Our friendly staff and experienced cosmetic dentists treat every patient as an individual, taking care to listen intently to your desires and needs before making any suggestions. We want you to have a say in your dental services, and will work closely with you to ensure that all of your concerns are addressed.

When you schedule a consultation with one of our professional dentists you can be assured that you will receive personal, uninterrupted attention.  If you have further interest in treatment following the consultation, we can arrange for a comprehensive examination. We schedule 90 minutes for your comprehensive examination, taking all the time necessary to get to know more about you, your medical history, your dental concerns, and your ultimate desires.

Taking this information, we will create several treatment options for you to choose from, giving you even more control over what you feel works best for you. We ensure that you have a say in the decisions made about your treatment. It is your smile, after all.

During your comprehensive examination, we will perform a complete clinical exam in addition to radiographs that will allow us to customize a treatment plan for your unique smile. We will take the time to educate you on what cosmetic dental procedures are available, and discuss cost, time commitment, and potential complications with you. You deserve as much information as possible about the decisions you are making, and we respect your right to carefully consider every option available to you.

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