At Carolina Center for Advanced Dentistry, our dentists are devoted to providing our patients with the most state-of-the-art technology available in dentistry. We carefully monitor technological advancements in every area of dentistry, and receive proper training in relevant advancements as soon as they are proven safe and effective. One area we consistently watch for exciting developments is laser dentistry, and we are proud of the many services we can offer our patients with this method.

Issues Corrected Through Laser Dentistry

Our Myrtle Beach laser surgery dentists utilize several types of lasers to treat a number of problems. Some patients are seeking cold sore or ulcer treatment, while others seek cosmetic or periodontal surgery procedures. In any case, our doctors will work closely with you to ensure the most advanced treatment possible is made available to meet your needs.

We use a diode laser to correct problems in the soft tissue, or gums, of your smile such as:

Crown lengthening

Implant surgery

Soft tissue folds caused by dentures

The diode laser is ideal for these procedures because it requires virtually no healing time, and causes very minimal discomfort. A diode laser can also be used to treat muscle attachments or frenum that can cause difficulty breastfeeding in babies, and speech impediments in young children.

WaterLase is a gentle process that uses laser energized water droplets for both general dental and cosmetic dental procedures including:

Gummy smiles

Cavity preparation

Root canals

WaterLase procedures heal rapidly, and the process itself thoroughly sterilizes the treated area allowing for fast recovery.

For periodontal, or gum, disease, we can use both PerioLase and LANAP technology, as a nonsurgical procedure to remove debris and dead tissue from the gums.This means no cutting with a scalpel, which allows the gums to stay ‘intact’ and actually produces a new attachment of the gums.The use of lasers in treating gum disease has been proven to:

Reduce bleeding

Reduce swelling

Entirely eliminate bacteria and inflammation in the gums

Speed recovery times

Laser gum surgery is safe for people with health conditions that may not otherwise be able to receive treatment, and the use of lasers significantly reduces the recurrence of disease within the gums.