We are an experienced team that treat people of all ages and will ensure that every family member from young children, to their parents and grandparent’s teeth are kept clean and healthy as possible for years to come.

Family Dentistry

Our experienced South Carolina dentists and accomplished support team understand the importance of quality early dental care.  We work with children and their parents to help establish the foundation for good long-term oral health.  

Instructing children in proper brushing and flossing techniques, avoiding too many sugary snacks, and being careful to keep your own teeth and gums clean is a goal for all families, but no matter how diligent your home routine is, only a trained family dentist can ensure your family’s teeth are kept as clean and healthy as possible for years to come.  

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children receive their first dental check-up around 1 year of age.  Regular exams beginning around 3 years of age when the primary teeth are developing are essential to monitor for potential problems such as teeth alignment issues and cavities.  

Often used interchangeably with general dentistry, family dentistry varies somewhat in its focus.  While general dentistry provides some of the same services, family dentists are devoted to treating entire families, from young children, to their parents and grandparents.  This focus on treating the unique issues affecting your family at every age, and forming relationships with every member of your family makes family dentistry a branch all its own.  

Childhood dental exams are equally as important for parents as they are for children.  These check-ups allow dentists and parents to discuss appropriate dental hygiene, the impacts of poor oral health habits such as thumbsucking, and the associations between diet and dental health among other topics. Our family dentists will emphasize good at-home dental care in addition to routine dental exams and professional teeth cleanings in an effort to prevent severe dental problems in the future.  Preventative dentistry is especially important for children, because problems with a child’s primary teeth can lead to further oral health issues with permanent teeth.  

As your child grows, our dentists will adapt our services to his or her unique needs.  We can address dental problems as they arise and monitor for potential future issues, such as need for orthodontics such as braces or Invisalign.  

At Carolina Center for Advanced Dentistry, our dentists have been building relationships with entire families for decades, taking special care to put all of our patients at ease, while making every conceivable dental option available.

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Family Dental Procedures

Like general dentistry, family dentistry focuses on the prevention and treatment of common dental issues.  With biannual cleanings, fluoride treatment, and examinations, our friendly dentists are able to keep your family’s teeth their healthiest while also diagnosing and treating potential problems before they become serious issues.  Family dentistry also includes services specifically designed for children such as dental sealants, which are highly effective in preventing decay.  This is a service that we offer in which a clear acrylic coating is painted onto the tooth surface and essentially protects the enamel of the teeth from being damaged by plaque and acids.  It is an excellent means for fighting tooth decay.

Combating Dental Phobias

The best way to overcome dental phobias is to never allow them to develop in the first place.  By bringing your children with you for regular dental cleanings, you are not only helping make sure that their teeth remain healthy, you are helping instill a sense of safety and ease at the dentist’s office that will last throughout their lifetime.  It is an ideal way to set the perfect example for your family of the importance of a healthy smile for life.  Our staff is experienced and dedicated to providing you and your family with a pleasant visit where everyone feels appreciated and cared for.

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If you live in Conway, Myrtle Beach, Murrells Inlet, or their surrounding communities such as Surfside Beach, Carolina Forest, Pawley's Island, and Aynor, South Carolina, please contact our experienced family dentist at Carolina Center for Advanced Dentistry to see how we created a safe, friendly environment in which to treat your entire family’s dental needs.