At the Carolina Center for Advanced Dentistry and Advanced Sleep and Breathing Centers our approach toward comprehensive care is to reduce your risk for future disease (and expenditures!) Yesterday’s dentistry focused on waiting for small problems to become big problems. Unfortunately this approach could be quite costly, and often resulted in a compromised outcome requiring ongoing treatment. As a graduate and mentor of the prestigious Kois Center for Advanced Dental Studies in Seattle, Dr. Horowitz has created a dental team trained to identify health risks in each of the following systems, assuring that the end result will be a healthy, beautiful and functional smile;

1.       Medical   (General Health )

2.       Functional  (Bite and Jaw Joint )

3.       Biomechanical ( Tooth Structure Compromise )

4.       Aesthetic    ( Smile and Appearance )

5.       Periodontal(Gum Disease and Bone Loss )

After evaluating these systems, our doctors will collaborate to determine your treatment options based on reducing future risk and your initial goals. We will ALWAYS take the time to listen and to educate, so that you can choose the treatment that best suits your needs.



Simply put, our patients come first. Our team is here to serve the patients by putting their interests before our own. Decisions and recommendations will be based on science, and we are committed to the highest level of understanding in the science and art of dentistry.