Even the most thorough at-home oral hygiene regimen cannot guarantee against decay and disease.  A deep cavity, traumatic injury, or tooth fracture can make the tooth's canal susceptible to bacterial infection.  When the soft tissue, or dental pulp, of your tooth becomes infected, in many cases the tooth can be saved and an extraction avoided by having a root canal preformed.

Signs that you may need a root canal include:

Severe Pain or intense sensitivity in a tooth or your gums

Swelling or irritation in your gums

Tooth discoloration

At the first sign of any of any of these symptoms, one of our experienced root canal dentists can help determine if a root canal is necessary to stop the pain and keep your natural tooth in place.

Root Canal Procedure

When you come to Carolina Center for Advanced Dentistry for your root canal, you may be surprised to find how simple and pain free this procedure is. Most of the time, root canal therapy is completed in a single visit. 

The root canal procedure is completed with the help of the WaterLase dental laser.  Use of this laser during root canal treatment offers several benefits:  virtually eliminates post-operative pain, thoroughly sterilizes and cleans the root canal space, produces a cleaner canal for a better seal.  We simply clean out the diseased canal, fill it with a biologically-inert material, seal it from further infection, and your finished.   Follow up care requires thatthe tooth be properly restored with a crown to protect the remaining tooth structure.

We are constantly seeking ways to improve our patient’s experience, and with the use of this dental technology, we are able to quickly, effectively, and virtually painlessly perform root canals for every member of your family.

The Need for a Root Canal

When a root canal is required but no action is taken, the end result is almost always the loss of your tooth. In some cases, the infection may spread, leading to serious medical conditions that can require hospitalization.

When extraction becomes your only option, our experienced cosmetic dentists can replace your missing tooth with a dental implant or a dental bridge, but maintaining biannual visits for thorough examinations, and reporting signs of tooth infection to our office immediately is the best way to avoid having these additional procedures performed.

If you live in or around Conway or Myrtle Beach areas of South Carolina and are experiencing the pain and discomfort of an infected tooth root, please contact the experienced root canal dentists at Carolina Center for Advanced Dentistry to learn more about our pain free root canal procedures.